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Freelance Biotech is the ultimate and transparent platform allowing :
– freelance and consultants active in biotechnology field to find missions,
– private companies and non-profit organizations to post jobs and missions,
– recruiters to screen freelance profiles based on geographic area, expertise, availability and track-record.






HPLC and MS/MS technologies have demonstrated their own limits.

Over the last 10 years, Spectralys team has developed an unique expertise, through one single FTIR measurement in a couple of minutes, with limited sample volume (<50µg) and without need for extensive sample pre-treatment, to retrieve information on key parameters related to :

  • lipid/protein ratio for Virus-Like Particles or Proteosome,
  • composition and quantification of post-translational modifications for Biosimilars,
  • absolute protein concentration when Vaccine is adsorbed on aluminium hydroxyde,
  • quantification of key excipients such as Detergents (Tween20, Triton…) and Stabilizing agents,
  • long-term and stress Stability Studies,
  • protein denaturation and aggregation with any Formulation.





Once our of three times, intra peritoneal immunization un mouse species with difficult antigens is a dead end: antigen is going to be eliminated into urine without generating any humoral response. In order to overtake these limitations, SynAbs is offering unique multi-species approach (proprietary rat and guinea pig myeloma cell lines) combined with particular immunization schemes to generate unique monoclonal antibodies.







In the context of Programme des Investissements d’Avenir, 1 billion euros have been dedicated to the creation of Technology Transfer Acceleration (SATT) whose mission is to value assets of its shareholders thanks to seed capital funding.

SATT are dedicated to technology transfer, maturation and valorization of inventions resulting from French research units through licensing deals and start-ups creation.







AmplyCell provides cell line optimization services that aim to increase and stabilize the productivity of your original cell line, for recombinant protein production.






CER Groupe is a Belgian Preclinical CRO able to design a valuable and tailor-made solution for your in-vivo studies. Its main asset is to develop custom-made and flexible solutions, in an economic and timely manner for your R&D, GLP and GMP-compliant animal studies.

Its state-of- the-art infrastructures offers a large range of non-clinical development services including, but not limited to :

  • development of administration route (IP, IM, IN…),
  • set-up of readouts (genetic, humoral and cellular),
  • mechanism of action of drugs,
  • drug efficacy evaluation,
  • adjuvant testing.





ImmuneHealth is a global biomarker service provider specializing in :

  • Human Biospecimen procurement, processing and storage,
  • Clinical validation of biomarker panel,
  • Adjuvant testing and evaluation
  • GCLP Immunomonitoring readouts for clinical trials
  • Development/validation/testing of QC methods under GMP compliance